Debit Cards

Debit Mastercard® is the new debit card offered by St. Joseph's Credit Union. With the features of both a debit and credit card, Debit Mastercard® allows you to shop online and in-store across the globe where Mastercard® is accepted. There is no need to worry about monthly payments or interest charges because the funds come directly from your credit union chequing or savings account.

You will receive your Debit Mastercard® by mail once your current credit union debit card needs to be replaced, or by request from your credit union. Your current debit card will not expire; if you need a replacement debit card, please contact us

What can my Debit Mastercard® do?

You can use your new Debit Mastercard® to make purchases in-store or shop online with funds directly from your chequing or savings account.
  • Shop in-store: you can now pay for purchases up to $250 quickly and easily by holding your Debit Mastercard® to an Interac Flash® enabled terminal, without having to insert your card or enter your PIN.
  • Shop online: safely use your Debit Mastercard® just like a credit card at any participating online merchant, without worrying about monthly payments or interest charges.
  • Shop in-store worldwide: You can make debit purchases directly from your credit union account at international merchants that accept Mastercard®.

If you require assistance outside of our regular business hours, please call 1-888-277-1043 for 24/7 assistance.